11 Random things about me

OMG it finally happened! Bought my own domain! On my old wordpress hosted blog, I didn’t reveal too much about me because when I started blogging from a free wordpress account I wasn’t sure if will be for me… anyway after a few months on wordpress I already started researching on setting up a self-hosted blog. Finally we’re here now!

11 Random facts about me

  1. I’m Capricorn
  2. I hate going to doctors… I don’t mid dentist appointments at all (I love going to my dentist – I kid you not), but going to doctors (in Germany) and waiting sometimes for one hour which was scheduled weeks in advance? Gosh, it’s not like I have nothing else to do all day.
  3. I have occasional food obsessions, like avocados, popcorn, fries, humus…. I could eat it all day
  4. I’m an introvert, I like being around people but I also need time for myself. I can be very blabbering sometimes and sometimes just quiet (because of feeling exhausted). Many people that have no idea that I also can be very quiet are surprised when they experience it.
  5. I used to have a blog from the age 14 (? I guess) and a website where I shared clothes and accessories I created for Sims 2. After a few years I decided to delete the blog and concentrated more on creating things for Sims 2 – that time I imagined becoming one day a fashion designer and it was so much fun to create things to wear for my Sims in the game was simply fulfilling.
  6. I cannot sing at all – but after a few drinks I don’t mind performing Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off”, at least then it’s possible to blame the alcohol for my bad voice. 😉
  7. Patience, what’s that? In an earlier post I already confessed that I’m still working towards becoming more patient.
  8. Shopping is something I try to avoid because it’s getting frustrating if I’m trying on something that is supposed to fit (I’m looking at you H&M, since you changed your bra-sizes/ labeling, I can’t find anything that fits, sigh).
  9. My sense of direction in very bad, I can barely read a map – guess what: so far I survived!
  10. My e-mails are usually short, not because I’m rude or something. I prefer things written on the point without much useless blablabla not to waste anyone’s time (my own included).
  11. I don’t really have a favourite colour, I really depends on my mood. I wear e.g. a lot of black clothes but I also adore clothes with glitter (I think sometimes I can look like a walking Christmas tree hahaha).

Time to explore Vienna! Great view but very windy today 🙂 ? by @random.doodle

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I think that’s the most important and random about me for now.

Do you guys want to share any random facts about you?

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