3 months of blogging + an awesome giveaway

Moving the blog from wordpress hosted to selfhosted was an interesting experience. In the beginning it was a bit overwhelming, so many new things to learn, and finally opportunities to “level up” the blog, the search for an own domain was in the beginning a bit daunting. What if I don’t like the name after a few weeks? What if the domain is not available? Is it easy to change a domain name after a while?

Funny enough, once I finally decided on a domain name I never doubted my decision again. I can’t explain even why. Now it feels like having a grown up blog, not like back in the days (10 years ago) where I blogged just for myself and for fun.

Sometimes I feel that blogs are bringing more value compared to traditional magazines. Seriously, when it comes to make-up or other things, I’m looking always first up people’s experiences on products what was good about the product and what was not so good.

I’m relatively new to travelblogging and I’m trying to share my experiences, whether it was my first experience on solo traveling or on a place I fell in love immediately.

Today I have the opportunity to bringoffer a cool and FREE giveaway to you. With the help of GPSmyCity you can now access some of the blogposts on your phone offline, no matter where you are!

What is GPSmycity?

You can download GPS guided articles in your destination and find your places without the need of internet. You can download an article as an individual app for free. The best thing about it: you can access the article without internet on your phone, whether you are sitting in an eight hour bus or in a plane without any problems.

For a small fee it’s possible to upgrade to have a GPS guided map.


How it works

For a limited time period you can download the free upgrades for 2 of my articles.

Since there are some articles that are interesting for you, you get the opportunity to download them on your IOS device and access it from wherever you want, whenever you want!

First, download the GPSmyCity master app on your device and then the articles will appear by default and you can upgrade them.


You can download the apps for my short guide to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and the 7 secrets of Bologna (Italy) from July 18th until July 24th with the free upgrade. (After that, there will be a small fee charged for the upgrade).


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