5 clubbing places in Cambridge

For everyone who is into partying, this post will be very interesting for you! Today I want to introduce you to my favourite clubs/bars in Cambridge. Since a large chunk of the inhabitants of Cambridge are students, you shouldn’t be surprised about the nightlife – studying and partying goes hand in hand, right? I also realised that you besides beer and cider, Jaeger bombs are quite popular among people and there are a lot of 2-4-1 deals – why don’t we have this in Germany?

  1. The Regal 

I went there quite often, not only because it was quite close and the best thing about it is: no entrance fee! Best thing for the typical always-broke student. The Regal has two floors, the dance floor and a bar are at the ground floor. Upstairs are more tabels and another bar to chill out and chat with friends. The Regal is not really a club, it’s also a Pub – so you can get food too!

Address: 38-39 Saint Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3AR


  1. All Bar One

All Bar One has a nice atmosphere and also nice drinks, but it’s usually a bit crowded. It’s also close to the Regal and Revs.

Address: 36 St. Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3AR


  1. Revolution (or just call it Revs)

It’s possible that you have to queue, every time I went there, there was such a long queue in front of that club. I never saw some people patiently queuing outside a club. Multiple floors and you can find here every kind of music from Michael Jackson to the latest hits from (inter)national musicians. The best thing is: they have a rooftop too!

Address: 3-8 Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3DB

  1. LoLaLo

Ever seen a hawaiian-themed club? No? Go there! Even though LoLaLo’s appearance is some sort of  unusual in comparison to other clubs (Hawaiian deko and you will smell the scent of vanilla at the entrance), they play there music from the charts, so no tikki music even though I think it would be fun to hear some Hawaiian sounds.

Address: 1-6 Corn Exchange Street, Cambridge CB2 3QF

  1. Ballare

Ballare is also a quite popular club with a big dancefloor in Cambridge. The entrance fee is affordable for students too (from £5.00 depending on the event). I would say that Ballare has more RnB and Rap besides chart music.

Address: Heidelburg Gardens, Lion Yard, Lion Yard, Cambridge CB2 3NA


Cambridge has a typical student nightlife and prices are reasonable therefore. It makes sense to check out the clubs in advance to see whether there are drink specials or a cool theme.

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