5 Things I learned in Hong Kong

Every place we visit, teaches something new, sometimes even unusual. Hong Kong was so different to everything I’ve seen before. Besides realizing that it’s possible to live in a room has the size of a shoe box and being thankful for having air conditioners everywhere (I had no idea about anything), there were some things I also needed to adapt to.

5 Things I learned in Hong Kong

  1. Patience is what you need

    So, you are late and want to compromise your time loss with rushing or walking faster? HAHAHA, not gonna happen! You can try to pass everyone but it will be challenging for your nerves, and what it worse than being late and rushing to the MTR? – The moment you realise that you have to change the trains and get stuck, while waiting for three MTR’s to pass until you finally get into one with a bunch of other people. Yeah, that’s the worst case even though it doesn’t happen every day. Never underestimate the amount of people! Personally, it was very difficult to assimilate to the slower walking – it simply impossible to walk fast through the crowds of people.
    Prepare to be patient, especially when it comes to the most important thing in life: eating. Avoid to go out for lunch or dinner in peak hours, except you don’t mind queuing.

  1. 7-Eleven is your best friend

    Hungry at 5am and too lazy to walk to the next 24/7 fast food restaurant?
    Need to get some booze because friends are on their way?
    You need to get a facemask before you head to the office?
    Let’s make it short: 7-11 is the answer for everything. As it is everywhere, no matter what day, or what time it is.

  2. Going out on a weekdays is fine

    Hong Kong was the place I learned that going doesn’t need to be only an activity on weekends because Hong Kong is the place you can go out every day if you want. It’s the perfect destination for party lovers because this city never sleeps and after having a long night out there are even still a couple of place that still offer some food.

  3. Phone matters

    Nothing surprised me more than seeing everywhere people with their phones. I think this was one of the first impressions of people in Hong Kong. Why on earth are people glued to their phones? People chatting all the time on WhatsApp, listening to music, playing games or watching movies on their phone. After 2 weeks I adapted quite well to this habit… In Europe I was never walking in the airport with eyes always glued on my phone.

  4. Being an early bird doesn’t always pay off

    Good news for long sleepers: don’t worry about waking up late. When I plan to go shopping on weekends, I try to go as early as possible to avoid the crowds and the heat. Hong Kong taught me that it’s useless to leave the house before 11am because almost all clothing shops don’t open before 11 am and even if it is advertised to open at 11 am, doesn’t mean it will. But being an early bird pays off if you want to be one of the first people queuing in front of the Apple store – no kidding, I really saw that.


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