6 Lessons from 2016

This years review is different compared to my review of last year. Last year I wrote about my travels in 2015 – this year not. Why? Simple as that: not that much happened. This year was


  1. Old habits are hard to break
    The reason why I never make new year’s resolutions is that fact that I know myself pretty well. Actually, it doesn’t make any sense to bullshit yourself to make changes in your life just because of the good old “new year, new me”. Change rarely happening overnight, change is a process. Instead of trying to force yourself to turn yourself 180 degrees, start with little steps. Don’t let yourself discourage from setbacks because that can happen, we are all humans in the end of the days – not machines.
  2. Never feel bad for taking a break
    Even in the busiest situation remember to take a break to stay sane. Even if you feel bad for not continuing working on your current project, remember that having a break from it gives you a fresh perspective and more energy to work on it.
  3. Happiness is an attitude
    Since 2015 was probably the most challenging chapter in my life so far, it taught me that happiness doesn’t mean that everything has to be perfect all the time. Because there will be always something that could be BETTER – but, it is important to value the little things especially when going through a difficult situation.
    Happiness doesn’t need to come from the big events in life.“Are you really happy right now?” – A Whatsapp message that had the weirdest timing ever. Just a day before something happened that hit me hard. Instead of freaking about it, I took a deep breath and started thinking of how to sort out the problem. I was happy in that moment even though shit hit the fan.

    Stop waiting for things to happen
    Do you remember the last time you thought or said “When X happens, then I will finally…”
    It’s easy to bullshit oneself with this kind of talk and to find reasons to keep waiting for the “perfect moment”

  1. Don’t hope people to be better than they are
    Nobody is perfect and even those who seem to be perfect, will make things that will irritate you. Make sure you communicate clearly with the people around you – but always remember, you are not perfect either.


  1. Never book a flight (or anything else) when you’re angry
    Just don’t


I stopped making New Year’s resolutions already some time ago when I realized that it doesn’t make any sense to wait for January 1st to change yourself. Because change is a process that won’t simply happen overnight. If I want to live healthier, I prefer to take smalls steps over time instead of drastically changing everything from one day to the other.


What are your lessons from 2016?

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