9 Things to see in Malacca

Malacca, Melacca or Melaka? To be honest, I’m still not sure how to spell the name of that city right, it seems that Melaka is the Malay name. I also saw “Malakka” which seems to be the German name of that city but in this post I’ll continue with calling the city Malacca – if anybody knows which the right spelling in English is, let me know!

Visiting Malacca was my second trip to Malaysia, just 2 months earlier I spend a few days in Sabah. This time I was finally seeing a friend which I haven’t seen for 7 months. It was the perfect escape from the cold temperatures in Hong Kong.
After one night in a weird “hotel” in Kuala Lumpur I was glad that I could hop in the bus and listening for 4 hours music I didn’t like – I really regret that I forgot my earplugs that time.

Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum

I recommend everyone who is at least a bit interested in foreign cultures, to visit the Baba & Nyonya Museum. To explain, Baba (male) and Nyonya (female) are the children of Chinese who married Malay. They have their own culture, customs, food and fashion. This museum is a typical house which belongs to the oldest Baba Nyonya family, today it’s still owned by the family but used as a museum. We had a nice group tour with a guide who showed us the house. Unfortunately it was not allowed to take picture during the tour but I can understand their concerns. It’s quite close to Jonker Street.

Cost: 15 RM

Jonker Street

Jonker Street turns every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from a normal street to a foodie heaven from 6 pm when the street is blocked from traffic. This Street is in the China Town of Malacca. There are countless food stalls besides stalls which are selling accessories and other things. Basically, you can eat your way through that street! It can get a bit crowded so it’s better to arrive early to look around. (If you visited Pentaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, you’ll be surprised how different these two “streets in China town are).

Jonker Street
Jonker Street

Malacca River

The good thing about Malacca is that all sights are close to each other. It’s really nice to walk around Malacca River. I noticed that there were many ho(s)tels and cafes along the river with people sitting on the patio of a café or hostel and enjoying the view and a coffee. Some of the buildings have some nice kind of street art on them. It’s also possible to do a river cruise.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

I love Temples! I’m always very fascinated by temples and as soon I spot one, I have to go inside! I was told that Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is the oldest temple in Malacca and the older a temple the more sacred it is. Definitely worth visiting!

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
inside Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

Red Square or Dutch Square

Dutch Square is a very nice place to visit due to the characteristic red buildings around, influenced by Dutch architecture. It’s usually crowded by tourists and colourful trickshaws.

Red Square
Red Square & Stadthuys

Stadthuys & Christ Church

Stadthuys and Christ Church are buildings from the Dutch colonial located on Dutch Square. With their distinctive red colour it’s impossible to oversee them.

St. Pauls Church and A’Famosa

St. Pauls Church and a Famosa reflect the Portuguese influence in Malacca. They are pretty much destroyed but they have a lot of charme. A’Famosa used to be a fortress built by the Portuguese to protect the city from invaders. St. Paul’s Church is located on a hill when you go there from A’Famosa. The view from the hilltop of St. Paul’s Church is really nice, inside the church you will notice that it has all its walls but not roof.

A Famosa
A Famosa

During my visit I learned a lot about the culture and history of Malacca and now I understand why people call Malacca the cultural capital of Malaysia. I was surprised when I learned that the Dutch, Portuguese and British had colonies there. Besides eating and window-shopping (#backpackersstruggle) it was really great to learn about the history and see also some ruins – yes, I’m fascinated by ruins. I had a really good time in Malacca, it’s not a busy city and so relaxed.

Edit 07.06.2016:
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9 Things to See in Malacca

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9 Things to do in Malacca

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