Hiking Mount Pinatubo

“I’m planning to go to the Philippines, do you want to join?”

That’s obviously the reason I went there, thanks to bank holidays I could spend an extended weekend in the Philippines. After my friend and I finally agreed what we could do on our short stay I was surprised myself that I agreed to go on a hike. With a group. I’ve never been a hiker. That was something for old people, nothing to do on a holiday – that were my thoughts about hiking until I went on a hike at Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. But I got curious about the idea when I read that Mount Pinatubo is an active volcano that erupted the last time 1991.

mount pinatubo

We had to wake up very early in the morning, like 3am or 4am to get from Angeles to the meeting point in Capas where we had a breakfast and got picked up. With tricycles we were brought to another meeting point where we met the other participants of the hike. From there went by 4×4 closer to Mount Pinatubo. It was a bumpy ride through sandy floor and streams of water – I have to admit that I was a bit afraid of getting suck in the water. This experience was unique.
The hike itself was an amazing experience because of the environment and the plants. But, the hike was not only on dry ground, there were many water streams we needed to cross. The guides were very attentive and offered themselves help to cross spots where the water was a bit “wild”.

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When we arrived at the Crater Lake we had the chance for a lunch break, to take pictures and to listen to the history of Mount Pinatubo. The water of the Crater Lake is beautiful, but unfortunately it’s since a couple of years not allowed to swim because people drowned there.
The day started quite early and it didn’t seem that it will be sunny later that day, but I had a light sunburn on my shoulders afterwards!


What you should know before the hike:

Bring at least 2L of water, or enough water that you won’t suffer from thirst during the day.
Pack a lunch (it’s possible to buy some things at a 7 eleven nearby the McDonald’s in Capas). Just make sure that you don’t pack too heavy, remember it’s just a day trip.
Be prepared to walking in water as well as on dry soil – I wished I’ve known that before.
Choose your pair of shoes wisely. I picked my good and comfortable running shoes which I’m using for years. After the hike my shoes and socks were full of superfine sand and it took me a washing them a few times before I got rid of the sand completely. Even though I saw guides wearing flip-flops and someone wearing crocks, I don’t recommend anyone to do that too. Don’t forget to use sunblock before, learn from my mistake! Besides a light sunburn I also had awkward tan lines on my legs thanks to shorts and shoes… like that, wearing a bikini is not fun!

mount pinatubo 2

Would I do it again?
Absolutely! You don’t need to be an experienced hiker for Mount Pinatubo, it’s totally fine for beginners. Even though it was a bit hard to wake up so early to go on a hike, but I enjoyed every moment of it.


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Can you imagine to hike Mount Pinatubo?

Hiking Mount Pinatubo, Philippines

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