5 Things I learned in the UK

Living in the UK was a great experience fort me. I had the Chance to meet many awesome People from all over the world and it toughed ME a lot about different cultures. One of the first things I noted was that the houses look exactly as in my English books, I don’t know why this surprised me so much… maybe because it’s easier to get lost when houses look the same? I’ll also never forget how scary my first bus ride was – note to myself: never look at the street when you are not used to driving on the left side. I spend in the beginning wandering around my new city and exploring what it has to offer. I was curious to find out everything the UK had to offer. There were things I needed getting used to (e.g. cars driving on the left side) and I also learned more than a book could teach me.

5 Things I learned living in the UK

  1. Rain

Most People associate Rainey Days with the UK. Sometimes it rains a couple of times during a day or even within hours. Usually ist just drizzle and no real Need for an umbrella…. Still sometimes ist annoying. Being the only one with an umbrella to protect my hair against the drizzle or no umbrella and horrible looking hair?

  1. Pub culture

Living in In a city with 100k inhabitants and a huge student population there were pubs in every street. I was aware that pubs are a part of British culture but I underestimated that it’s SUCH a huge part. I learned that heading to the pub after a lesson at 2pm is completely normal. It’s never too early to have a beer, right? But don’t be surprised seeing drunk people torkeling at 5pm on the street. I didn’t see it too often, but still it’s uncommon for me to see drunk people at daytime.


3. Politeness

In fact, all Brits I met were very polite. The typical stereotype. London is in my opinion so far the capital with the polices people in Europe I visited. There many times I saw people offering help to others with carrying their stuff. I was surprised when I man offered me to carry my bag up, I would’ve never asked anyone to help me because I know I can carry it myself, but I was glad he offered me his help. After a few weeks in the UK I also got used being more polite and saying please and thank you more often.

4. Cake and ice cream is my drug

My playmates taught me that having cake and ice cream for desert is a great combination. No surprise that a weight gain is included in this diet. For free.

5. English

It was a bit hard in the beginning to speak English all the time, sometimes I couldn’t remember the most simple words, despite having English classes for so many years! After a few weeks with constant English conversations I got more used to it and it didn’t happen anymore that suddenly a German word was included in an English sentence.  I heard just earlier from a friend that she struggled speaking English with native speakers in the UK a lot. Same here. There was a very awkward situation I always had in the beginning, there was a Brit I couldn’t understand at all because of his heavy accent. So I tried to keep our talks as simple as possible with questions that he could reply with a yes or no. I also have to admit that sometimes when I was asked something, I prayed that I somehow reply to it correctly. Of course it’s like many other things in life, once I got used to the accent my brain decoded the meaning of the sentence without the past struggle.


Studying abroad was a great experience with many life lessons, challenges and happy moments. I was a great contribution to my willingness to live abroad and a good start to try it out. I would recommend everyone who really wants to study or live abroad to try it out. I said everyone who wants because I know it’s not for everyone and I don’t want to preach people how to live their life. I heard from many people that don’t have the desire at all to move abroad or even at the other end of their country.This is totally fine, we have all different expectations and aspirations for our life and it would be boring if we would all be the same. My most important message is: don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Things can be sometimes too big to achieve and be a bit overwhelming, but hey, be ready to fight for your goal not matter what it is and surround yourself with positive people!

What are your lessons from living abroad?

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