7 Things to know before traveling to Singapore

Lately there have been many pictures on social media on Singapore, but mostly it’s only about the famous Marina Bay Sands rooftop infinity pool. It could seem that the pool is the only interesting thing about Singapore, but that’s so wrong! Singapore has much more to offer, a fancy hotel is not enough to convince to plan a trip to a new place. In this blog post I want to focus on some basic things to know before visiting Singapore.

  1. Immigration

Singapore offers Visa on arrival for a number of countries, check in advance whether you need to arrange your visa before entering Singapore.

Maybe you should be better prepared for immigration than I was: the immigration officer didn’t seem happy about my very flexible travel schedule as I replied on how long I Would stay in Singapore and whether I have a return ticket with that I’m not sure whether I stay 3 or four days and not having a bus return ticket. Anyway, I could enter the country. (Later I was told by a friend that they could have refused entry for not having a return ticket, oops)

  1. Weather

Singapore has an all year warm and humid climate. Which is a good thing for everyone who want to escape cold temperatures. Bring enough summer clothes, but don’t forget that many places like malls are air conditioned which can be a bit chilly sometimes.


  1. Diversity

Did you know that Singapore has it’s signs in English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay and Hindu? You will see different architecture styles from old fashioned to modern. Chinese and Indian temples and Armenian church… were else can you find that? And of course Singapore cultural diversity is reflected by the different types of cuisines available (jackpot!)

  1. Money matters

Singapore is for sure not a cheap city to visit. Depending on your travel style think about the right budgeting and don’t think it’ll be as cheap as the typical South East Asian backpacking countries. Especially accommodation will be more expensive then the rest of South East Asia.
Fortunately, public transport (MRT) is reliable and cheap.

  1. Fines

I still remember the first and only thing from an article in our English textbook. Singapore has some for foreigners funny rules e.g. chewing gum is banned – you can’t buy it anywhere!

Lily pads meet skyscrapers. Hard to believe that my visit was 1 year ago ?

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  1. Safety

Singapore crime rate is relatively low, but as in every big city  – watch your bag! I felt during night and daytime always very safe in Singapore as solo female traveler.

  1. Singapore is green

When I arrived by bus in the middle of Singapore it was surprising to see that much green in a city which is also a financial hub. Seeing palms gets me always in a good mood. Don’t miss the Singapore Botanical Gardens, which is also a World Heritage Site!


Due to the climate, Singapore is good to visit all year round. I enjoyed the warmer weather during my stay even though it can be a bit difficult sometimes to bear with the humidity. I managed to do Singapore on a very low budget as I LOVE Hawker food – I even prefer to have a soup or rice for breakfast instead of bread. Sometimes I feel that Singapore is only known as transit airport and the Marina Bay Sands, but what can I say… it’s so much more! May favourite thing about traveling solo is that I can wander around the city with now real place I need to see. It might be a small city, but it has so interesting things to see!

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7 Things to know before visiting

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