Things to do in Cambridge

Cambridge is a rather small city and it has many beautiful colleges. If you are arriving from London at the train station in Cambridge, it’s useful to check the ticket for the trip in advance because sometimes there is a train directly to Cambridge which only needs around one hour, so better check the train schedule in advance.


Cambridge is a good place if you like wandering around and exploring the city by yourself. I was surprised how many Pubs there are. I also recommend to walk around the city center and to visit the market square. The market square has many interesting stalls where you can buy food like e.g. sweets, bread or things worth trying – besides that there are also people selling random things like vinyls and tourist souvenirs.


Punting is usually part of a classical day in Cambridge. You will hear a lot of interesting things during the 30 -45 min punt on the river Cam about the Colleges and of course you will the huge gardens and old and impressive buildings. I love Kings College – the guide said during the tour that alumni from Kings College can get married in the big chapel. If I just knew that earlier…. If you are brave enough you can dare to rent your own punting boat and do it on your own. BUT if you don’t have any experience and practice in punting – leave it. Seriously. I’ve seen some real shit…. I mean why do people do such things to themselves? Well anyway it’s up to you if you want to rent your own boat or participate in a tour with a guide.

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On sunny days it’s really nice to hang out at Parkers Piece. I was really surprised the first time I saw young people hanging out on the grass with their friends. No, there were no benches, they were really sitting on the grass! #Cultureshock. Sometimes you can see cricket team practicing and it’s really nice to relax outside on a sunny day.


As we all know that London is THE city for shop till you drop, I regard Cambridge as a less busy shopping alternative. In the city center there are numerous opportunities for shopping. The Grand Arcade is a bigger shopping mall (bigger than the Grafton Center) with a variety of stores inside, I personally liked looking for some funny gadgets at John Lewis.  But besides that there are many smaller shops and boutiques to explore in Cambridge, just keep your eyes open while walking around.

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All in all, I might be biased but Cambridge is for sure a good place to visit for a day.

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Things to do inCambridge

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