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2015 was year of ups and downs and unexpected turns. After my return from Asia, I struggled a lot to transition back in life in Europe. Living again with my family after I was living on my own for such a long time wasn’t easy. My stomach suffered a lot here in Europe… surprising how much a few months in Asia can change habits and tremendously.

I had the chance to visit finally a few more European countries. Can you believe that despite living in Germany for such a long time and I’ve never been to Italy or Czech Republic? That’s no joke.
I created a info graphic which gives an overview about my travels in numbers:
2015 in Travels

I was surprised how Italian food really is, those people know their stuff! My favourite Italian city without any doubt was Bologna. Also, because there weren’t masses of tourists as in other cities usually and the food… yummy!
My shortest visit was Vienna, I spent in total maybe there hours there and the train took almost four hours to get there – one way of course. On my way there, I somehow managed to interchange to the wrong train and lose time and money because of that. After that day in Vienna I was quite exhausted. The reason for my short visit? You’ll figure out in a few seconds….
I enjoyed eating Hawker food as much as possible in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. I miss it and I don’t know how I manage to live without it. It was maybe my most spontaneous trip ever, I booked rooms just one day in advance (which I don’t regret) and I’m fine with not doing all the touristy things, seriously, I don’t feel that I missed out anything by not seeing them. On my Instagram account I uploaded some more picture from that places.



My worst visit was Munich. I went there for a concert (which I enjoyed), it’s no secret that I think Munich is an overrated destination. I had in Munich an inconvenient incident in a restaurant… at least I know now that I won’t go again to that place. Revisiting London was something I didn’t plan at all for this year, mainly because I’ve been there a couple of times now, but somehow a friend traveled around Europe and she suggested to meet with another friend in London. What can I say, it was the best trip ever with others! I’m still surprised that everything went so well and we weren’t tired of hanging around together all day. In London Heathrow I had the worst cappuccino ever, I only craved for something with caffeine… but what I got was a milky nightmare. Note to myself: Never go to Starbucks if you crave for coffee.


I went on day trips with my family to Cesky Krumlov – a small touristy city I never heard about before in the Czech Republic and to the former Concentration camp Mauthausen – they wanted to experience this piece of history because reading and hearing about was happened is so different from visiting such a place.

#tb hot summer day in Cesky Krumlov.

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Personally, I’m glad that I was spending more time with family and friends from home because life is short and doesn’t care what you want, there will be always things out of control in life. I was great to speak about things, we usually don’t have time to discuss. This year was also the first time in 3 years I was home for Christmas… which was so different compared to how I spend it. Always different and is it even possible to get in a festive mood when it’s that warm? I don’t know how Australians do that, but I guess they’re just used to it.



Coming up for 2016

In regard to traveling in 2016, I have a few places in my mind to visit. Who am I kidding, I would travel every month if I could! The reason for my trip to Vienna was that I’m going to be a student again… so I just fixed recently my future accommodation and can’t wait to move soon. Currently I’m also applying for a part time job, to finance my life. To be honest, I’m a bit nervous about the Vienna thing, I didn’t think it work out in the end that’s why I feel a bit weird because something finally worked out this year!
I guess the first months I’ll be exploring Vienna and studying and hopefully working too!
I haven’t anything booked so far, but I have some places to check out in mind for the upcoming year, hopefully there will be some more certainty soon. One of the places I’m dying to go, my last visit was about 18 years ago, when I was a child. As soon as I figured out my life in Vienna and fixed a job, I’ll start planning for new travels.

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