Tips on celebrating Christmas while living abroad

When it comes to living abroad for career or study reasons, festive season can be a bit stressful. Besides the usual sacrifices from being away from home, during that time there is also FOMO (fear of missing out) and probably homesickness kicking in. For many people Christmas is THE ultimate holiday to spend with family and loved ones. Even if you aren’t able to go home to celebrate with them, there are options you should think about to have still a good time in your new country!


1. Plan early
Not sure whether you will spend Christmas abroad or at your home country with family? Start asking around in your social group early to figure out about their plans, some might be already planned their return home or are unsure as well. There might be also people that are not celebrating Christmas at all but they would be interested in leaning about it. Others might not even bother. Knowing early about who stays in town helps to discuss plans together.

2. Discuss plans
When it comes to talk about expectations, opinions can differ. There will be people that prefer to grab drinks at a bar, booking a getaway or hosting a dinner. Set your bar low, there more people are involved in planning, there more discussions and opinions. Stay open minded for every ideas, only because they differ from your expectations on the “perfect Christmas celebration” doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to do things differently.

How about a short trip to a nearby country?
Celebrating at someone’s home?


3. Relax
Christmas is known as time where people stress out because they want to make everything perfect. There will be situations where you feel that people will rely on you when it comes to planning and execution or just less committed to everything. This means also not to overplan everything and expect the unexpected. Keep things easy and don’t forget to enjoy your time!


4. Follow-up
Keep everyone in loop about changes and communicating about joint plans. It’s also helpful to figure out about progress on execution on the celebration and to remind people about things they were supposed to do early. Always remember things don’t work out always immediately and don’t pressure yourself and the people around you with unrealistic expectations.


5. Have fun
Remember it’s all about having a good time together! Most people are also stressed out towards the end of the year – a good time with friends works wonders!


How do you celebrate Christmas abroad?

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