The 7 most touristy things to do in Vienna

Don’t worry this won’t be “traveler vs. tourist – who’s the cooler kid in town”- post.

After living in Vienna for a few months now, it’s time for a post on Vienna (finally). Sometimes it’s hard for me to write a post on a city where I’ve been for longer than only a few days as most things seem “normal” or not post-worthy enough. Every city has its typical tourist activities and Vienna has a bunch of them.

The 7 most touristy things to do in Vienna

  1. Riding the Prater Ferris wheel
    Vienna has a yearlong carnival. You can find the oldest still functioning Ferris wheel in the world at Praterstern (Name of the underground station). Besides riding the Ferris wheel, you can check out the other rides at the amusement park.funfair "Wiener Prater"


  1. Sightseeing via horse carriage
    When you walk around the first district in Vienna you’ll probably see people doing a sightseeing tour in classical horse carriage. (The horse carriages are next to Stephans’ Cathedral)

horse carriage

  1. Take the Vienna Ring Tram tour
    Alternatively you can take a hop-on and off tour of the ring boulevard which contains pure architectural porn for the eyes.
    The Vienna Ring tram is departing every 30 minutes from the underground station Schwedenplatz.

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  1. Eat Sacher cake at Hotel Sacher
    You can eat Sacher cake in pretty much every café in Vienna. For the special feeling, you can enjoy your Sacher cake at its birth place – the Sacher Hotel.

  1. Visit the State Opera
    Vienna is famous for its classical music – why not getting a ticket for an Opera?


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  1. Visit the Spanish Riding school
    Horse fans have the chance to see classical equestrian performances at the famous Spanish Riding school.
    Fun fact: the horseman ship is a UNESCO cultural heritage since 2015.


  1. Imperial Palaces
    Vienna is full of imperial history, there are many historical places you can visitSchoenbrunn Palace – used to be the summer residence of the imperial family. You can take there a guided tour or a tour with an audio guide and explore the private rooms of the emperor and his family. UNESCO World heritage site. Once you’re there don’t miss out the Zoo – it is the longest operating Zoo in the world.
    Belvedere Palace – is the place for art fans. If you like to see the famous painting “the kiss” by Gustav Klimt, this is the place to be. Apart from that you can also enjoy wandering outside Belvedere Palace.

    Hofburg Palace – you can visit the former private apartments of the imperial family which are open for the public.



Vienna is a very fascinating city, especially the architecture is stunning and you can spot so many pretty buildings!

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